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Vintage lanterns as collectibles

As soon as man sacrificed night vision for the next stage of evolution, the birth of a portable lantern became inevitable. In the electric age, it would be naive to do with torches and candles, therefore at the end of the 19th century. an enterprising businessman Konrad Hubert initiated the active development of all kinds of autonomous lighting fixtures.

Of course, by this time Thomas Edison has already given the world an electric light bulb, and Karl Gessner the first portable battery, but it was Hubert's entrepreneurial spirit that kept the idea of ​​a portable light source from fading away.

Private collections of antique lanterns provide an opportunity to imagine how the look and technology has changed over the past centuries. On the site LYUMAN.COM their collections were presented by participants from Russia, USA, China, Belarus (materials are systematized geographically for convenience). Among the exhibits presented there are lanterns with various emblems, signs and symbols, but as in any museum, this is a tribute to the time without the connotation of propaganda.

The site regularly publishes news and related announcements, and in the special section contains useful literature, patents, rare photographs and museum photographs.

Vintage lanterns as collectibles
Konrad Hubert
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